Handmade Bracelets

handmade bracelets with handmade glass beads and fair trade beads from Ghana

These gorgeous bracelets are not only fun to make but also rewarding. I love collecting beads. Whenever I see a sign for a bead store I have to stop in. Keeping a bead collection is great for two reasons. 1: Keeping a look out for the prettiest, most eccentric beads adds excitement to any trip or excursion. 2: Bracelets I make are always unique because there is nobody in the world who has the same beads as I do to create what I created!

Many of the beads I have collected are fair trade from Ghana. These African beads are full of patterns and cultural colors. It also makes whoever is wearing the bracelet feel like they’re helping a great cause- which they are. Many of my beads are from old jewelry I have taken apart for their treasures.

But a lot of my beads are handmade by me in a glass studio! It doesn’t get much more unique than creating beads myself!

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