T-Shirt Loop Scarf

Today I decided to try to shrink down my never-ending stash of old t-shirts. With some google searching, I found this adorable ringlet scarf. I could not be happier with it!

Kevinandamada.com's Scarf

My scarf!

Tie Details

I feel like the pictures don’t do the scarf justice…it really is adorable!

My tips:

  • I used four different shirts and cut 9 loops in each (36 loops total) which resulted in an 82-inch long scarf. The whole project took only roughly 30 minutes.
  • Use shirts that are similar in size, or the loops will vary in thickness. If it’s one size off, that’s fine, but I don’t recommend using an XXL and a tight-fitting shirt at the same time, for example.
  • You can tie the last two loops together to make an infinity scarf!
  • I followed kevinandamanda.com‘s idea of using 4 different colors, but it would also be super cute to use just one color, or maybe one color and a different color for the ties, etc. There are a ton of options. This would also look adorable in themed colors – I’m planning on making one for my cousin in her college’s colors. 🙂
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