Be festive! Make a garland!

Father’s day is coming up on Sunday! Make a garland to surprise your dad!

Obviously, you could take this craft a lot farther than I did here.  However, cutting out those letters really took a lot out of me (I used a box cutter…I can’t find the willpower to spend money on an x-acto knife). Keep in mind that it might not be readable unless you hang it from a solid background. To hang it, I folded over the top and draped it over some fishing wire.

What a lovely fold we have here.

There are so many options with this! Instead of cutting out letters, you can write them on or paste them on. Leave it plain, or use patterned scrapbooking paper. Throw some glitter on there. Make a garland for birthdays, celebrations, holidays! Surprise someone any day of the year!

I’m gonna hang this up on our TV on Saturday night so my dad, the earliest riser in my home, sees it when he gets up. I think it will be a nice little surprise for him, especially because he’s not very materialistic. He’s the kind of dad that only asks for socks as presents. Making a craft, no matter how simple, can help show someone how much you care about them and want to brighten up their day. 🙂

Best dad in the woooooorld!

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